Trucks bearing the Isuzu N-Series badge represent perfectly balanced medium-sized vehicles for everyday applications. These are tough trucks that are willing partners providing operators with the highest levels of efficiency and reliability in a cost effective package.


F-Series trucks hold all the aces in the heavy commercial vehicle segment providing class leading economy, safety and environmental care in a package that is tailor made to meet the demands of operators.


FX-Series trucks are heavyweights that combine high-tech sophistication with the strength to move more loads faster and more efficiently than ever before. Positioned at the heavy to extra-heavy end of the commercial vehicle sector these workhorses are equally at home on the highway as they are on construction sites.

Results Driven

Not only do we provide you with great trucks, we offer services and parts as well so that you can always ensure that your truck is in top performing condition.

Proven Technology

Our range of Isuzu Truck ranges proven technology to take your logistics the extra mile in affordability and reliability

Winning Culture

With Isuzu trucks you can rest assured that you are going with a winning team.

Top Performance

With a huge range of trucks available you can rest assured that with Isuzu you are in capable hands for top performing trucks for any given application


Nothing is more worrying to a logistical company than unrealiable poor performing trucks. At Isuzu Trucks we will provide you with expert advise for your logistical application. Great Customer Service is with Isuzu trucks. Isuzu Trucks Isando is a leading Isuzu Trucks Franchise!

We offer a great range of trucks. The N-Series, F-Series and our heavy hauling FX-Series.


  • I would like to thank Stephen Ashbury for the fast and hastle free service. I would highly recommend him 2 any and everybody i know. Wish 2 do business with him again in future. Thanks again. Awesome serviceJacques Weber




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